The Bigs 2 WiiRelease Date/s:

July 7, 2009 (North America)
July 17, 2009 (Europe)

Developer/s: Blue Castle Games

Publisher/s: 2K Sports

The Bigs 2 baseball game for Wii is surely a big hit among all baseball aficionados. From 2K Sports, as the publisher, and Blue Castle Games, as the developer, The Bigs 2 boasts off a handful of new features. With these new features, you are surely assured of a challenging gaming experience.

The Bigs 2 baseball game for Wii is perfect for Xbox 360 but is also available for PS2, PS3, PSP and Wii video consoles. A full season mode is now available through The Bigs 2. Compared to the previous The Bigs version, graphics in The Bigs 2 show a remarkable improvement. The Bigs 2 also included a triumphant return of Homerun Pinball, a big hit in the first title.

With The Bigs 2 baseball game for Wii, the Power Blast is still present. An additional Big Slam feature is also introduced in The Bigs 2. Through this extra feature, you can get four pitches to four batters. This feature will also provide you with the opportunity to load the bases for a grand slam. You will also see a skill oriented dimension in the game through the hit that results from any contact with the ball.

The Bigs 2 baseball game for Wii features an arcade representation. Crazy stunts, crunching hits at the plate, and more mini-games are also featured in The Bigs 2. The game mechanics from the original title are also given a solid improvement. One of the additions introduced in The Bigs 2 is the Become a Legend mode. The Bigs 2 puts emphasis on the major fast-paced moments in Major League Baseball.

The Bigs 2

The Bigs 2 baseball game for Wii

The Bigs 2 baseball game for Wii also offers off-the-field type of mini-games. What makes The Bigs 2 more exciting is that a player can have an opportunity to play against legends and prominent icons of the Major League Baseball. You can also visit different cities and countries, while playing your favorite sport.

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