The Beatles Rock BandRelease Date/s: September 9, 009


Harmonix (PS3/Xbox 360)
Pi Studios (Wii)


MTV Games

The Beatles: Rock Band Wii music game is the third major console release in the music video game series, Rock Band. The Rock Band music video game series provides players the opportunity to use controller shaped musical instruments in playing rock music.

For The Beatles: Rock Band, 45 songs by The Beatles, the popular British group, form the game’s soundtrack. Virtual depictions of the band members while playing their songs are also featured in this music video game. Aside from these 45 songs that are included in the game, you may also make use of downloadable content feature by downloading additional songs and albums by The Beatles.

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Players of The Beatles: Rock Band Wii music game can use three different controllers patterned after real musical instruments in performing simulated rock music. On-screen notes are also shown scrolling. You can also check how close the pitch of the singer is to the original, actual pitch through the pitch indicator. If you choose to play multipart vocals, you should make sure that you stay close to the tone of the lead singer so you can get points.

Successful completion of phrases in harmony will also provide you with additional scoring bonuses. In general, you can enhance your performance meter by hitting the proper notes in correct order. You can also check how well your band is doing through audio cues such as cheers of the crowd if the performance is positive and booing if the audience is disappointed.

The Beatles Rock Band Wii

*The Beatles: Rock Band Wii music gameĀ  screen shots.

the beatles rock band xbox 360 music game

You do not need to create another band member or choose their costumes. Their outfits are automatically selected according to the setting. The Beatles: Rock Band Wii music game provides you with an opportunity to take a tour to The Beatles’ career. Certainly, The Beatles: Rock Band music video game is a perfect tribute to the greatest band in the history of music.

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