Dead Space Extraction Wii Shooter GameRelease Dates:

September 21, 2009 (Australia)

September 29, 2009 (North America)
October 1, 2009 (Japan)
October 1, 2009 (Europe)

Developer: Visceral Games and Eurocom

Publisher: EA Games

Dead Space Extraction Wii shooter game is the newly-released sequel for the original Dead Space intended for 360, PS3, or PC consoles. It is a new offering from the partnership between Visceral Games, the developer, and EA Games, the publisher, launched just this year. With Dead Space Extraction, first person light gun action is effectively combined with a prequel story and abundance of narratives.

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In Dead Space Extraction Wii shooter game, you will meet several new enemies, characters and weapons. New gameplay aspects will also be added to the game. The inclusion of puzzles and branching pathways also enhance the excitement factor of the game. You will also find familiar experiences and features you have seen in the original game. These features and experiences that have been retained for Dead Space Extraction include stasis, dismemberment, and zero gravity. Drop in or drop out coop play will also be featured in Dead Space Extraction.

Dead Space Extraction

In general, Dead Space Extraction Wii shooter game depicts the battle between a team of Aegis VII space colonists and the Necromorphs created during the removal of the Red Marker that are now infiltrating the former’s colony. ┬áThe game’s major antagonists are the Necromorphs, portrayed by corpses of dead humans who have undergone mutation.

Dead Space Extraction Wii

Dead Space Extraction Wii shooter game combines a pretty strong cast and a generally interesting script. Some of the lead characters in Dead Space Extraction include Sam Caldwell, a member of the Aegis VII excavation team; Nathan McNeill, Aegis VII’s P-Sec officer; Gabe Weller, USG Ishimura’s security sergeant and a Resource Wars veteran; Lexine Murdoch, a grade 2 surveyor and the girlfriend of Sam Caldwell; Warren Eckhardt, an executive of CEC; and, Karen Howell, an expert in agriculture. The first playable character is Caldwell with McNeill as the second and Howell as the third.

Dead Space Extraction Wii shooter game can accommodate a single player mode for 8 hours and features 10 challenging modes.

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