Geometry Wars GalaxiesRelease Date: November 2007

Developer: Bizarre Creations and Kuju Entertainment

Publisher: Sierra

Bizarre Creations and Kuju Entertainment recently introduced a multi-directional shooter video game called the ‘Geometry Wars: Galaxies”. This game was made available for players with Wii and DS consoles in 2007. Geometry Wars: Galaxies serves as an updated version to its prequel, the ‘Geometry Wars’. Some of the new features in this updated version include a campaign mode for single players, numerous multiplayer modes, support for online leader boards, and the ‘Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved’.

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The overall objective of any player of the Geometry Wars: Galaxies lies in prolonging their lifespan or survival in the game, acquiring the highest number of points possible, and fighting against a group of enemies that continuously increases in number. A closed, two-dimensional playfield serves as the setting or the venue of the game. As soon as the player dies, the game ends. In addition, updated control schemes are also implemented in the Geometry Wars: Galaxies, as well as new enemies and modifications on the scoring process.

*This video presents the different features of the game and a look at its game play.

The main mode of the game revolves around Galaxies. A series of ten solar systems will be presented to each player at a given time. In each series of solar system, different challenges and play styles will be represented by different mini-games. Retro gaming is the overall arena of Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

Geometry Wars Galaxies Wii

*Geometry Wars: Galaxies screen shots.

Geometry Wars Wii

This game’s amazing visual effects effectively and realistically portray the bursting into tiny pieces of enemies, the hitting of bullets into the background, and the waving of firepower. Using a mission-based approach, this game pushes the player to fight the horrible creatures while flying in his or her spaceship from one solar system to another. Every player would surely enjoy the deep and addictive galaxy mode, as well as the sharp and colorful visuals. In just a few tries, you will surely succumb to the lure of its intense and engaging game play.

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