MadWorldRelease Date:March 10, 2009

Developer: Platinum Games

Publisher: Sega

MadWorld, the newest offering from the Platinum Games as its developer and Sega, its publisher, is out to take the kingdom of video games. MadWorld revolves around a game show called ‘DeathWatch’ that converts different parts and locations of Jefferson Island into different sets.

Progressing through the different levels of the game follow a linear hierarchy but, if you want to get more points or if you want to venture into a more difficult challenge, you can always revisit any level that you have already completed.

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Open environments are usually featured in the game, to provide the lone player an opportunity to explore freely and independently. However, for some levels in the game, access to the location must be traded with points that you need to earn first. In some levels of the game, the lone player will have to go through a combat based on motorcycles. A ‘Bloodbath Challenge’ is one of the common features you can see across different levels of the game. In the ‘Bloodbath Challenge’, a mini-game with time limits, you will earn rewards if you complete a special activity and get additional points.

MadWorld Wii

MadWorld combines over-the-top violence with a comical light. Inspired by the Sin City graphic novels of Frank Miller, high contrast black and white with red blood color palettes adorn the highly stylized graphics in MadWorld. MadWorld features an interesting storyline, supplemented by unpredictable and exciting twists. It features an interesting visceral gameplay with a fast and instinctive arcade style.

MadWorld Wii game

You can also use anything in as weapons in attacking your enemies. You will surely enjoy exploring the massive playing field. Its irreverent and humorous tone is further emphasized with its exaggerated characters, monstrous bosses, and outrageous commentaries. Its graphic style is certainly novel and unique. You will also get the opportunity to practice your techniques through the multiplayer mini-games of MadWorld.

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