ssx blurRelease Date/s:

February 27, 2007 (North America)
March 15, 2007 (Australia)
March 16, 2007 (Europe)

Developer: EA Montreal

Publisher: EA Sports Big

An offering from the EA Sports Big, the publisher, and EA Montreal, the developer, SSX Blur is classified as a skiing and snowboarding video game. The similar format in the previous SSX titles is followed in the gameplay of SSX Blur. SSX Blur involves a player who has to go up through 3 different peaks of mountains.

In each mountain peak, the player has to take part in races, trick competitions, and the new slalom event. In each of these activities, the player will receive prizes and other unlockable material if he or she successfully accomplishes the given task. Traditional snowboards or skis can be chosen by the player in progressing through the mountain peaks.

The points acquired by the player will accumulate to build up a boost meter that depletes. The player can execute special ‘Ubertricks’ if the boost meter reaches the full level. The execution of the intended trick depends on the correct performance of the controls. SSX Blur can boast off having the highest level of pure difficulty and motion control mastery among all Wii video games.  With the presence of Uber as an art form and a ruthless track design, SSX Blur guarantees an ultimate and innovating challenge.

ssx blur wii

ssx blur wii game

The motion-based controls’ level of depth of SSX Blur has received much praised from users. The overall experience is also adjudged as impressive. The game also manifested as a return to form. It presents a two-layered effort in steering thus, while players are carving, their wrists will also tilt and lean accordingly with the analog stick. Its play style is almost perfectly integrated with motion. In addition, the game is also supplemented with the cartoon character aura. SSX Blur also has excellent controls and great music. With SSX Blur, the classic SSX series has taken a fresh and entertaining evolution.

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