Super Mario Galaxy

Release Date/s:

November 1, 2007 (Japan)
November 12, 2007 (North America)
November 14, 2007 (Canada)
November 16, 2007 (Europe)
November 29, 2007 (Australia)

Developer/s: Nintendo EAD Tokyo


Yoshiaki Koizumi (designer, director)
Shigeru Miyamoto (producer, game design concept)

Just recently, Super Mario Galaxy Wii won the Best Game Award from BAFTA – British Academy Video Games Award. And it’s amazing how this game beat the other nominees. Besides selling millions, it’s also impressed the critics and has been the top pick. Now who can beat that? It has beautiful graphic design, perfect controls, the soundtrack is just great and lots of stardusts to collect. When you play it, another good thing you don’t have to spend the time in space alone there can always be a second player to accompany you while you explore.

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Super Mario Galaxy Wii is all about Mario who is on a mission to save Princess Peach from the antagonist Browser. Each level presents galaxies that has worlds and minor planets and the gameplay is upgraded with new power-ups and gravity effects.

super mario galaxy

super mario galaxy wii

As Mario journeys from galaxy to galaxy, he must collect Power Stars on each quest or by beating opponents. The game makes use of a new physics system that provides each celestial object their very own gravitational force that allows the player to completely navigate around different shapes of planetoids. With the new physics system, the player can walk upside down or sideways. Super Mario Galaxy Wii also allows a  player to jump from one object and fall to another nearby object. The game is mostly set in a 3D environment but there are also areas in the game where the movements are limited in 2D.

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