mario kart wiiRelease Date/s:

April 10, 2008 (Japan)

11 April 2008 (Europe)

24 April 2008 (Australia)

April 27, 2008 (North America)

Developer/s: Nintendo

Publisher/s: Nintendo

You’re probably wondering what’s new with Mario Kart Wii racing game? Various tournaments are being held everywhere. The one thing that adds to the fun element of this game is that it can be enjoyed by players from all ages and all walks of life.

It lets you gather with the ones who equally love this game and see who plays better among the group. This allows healthy competition and camaraderie. Of course we all know that Mario Kart Wii¬† racing game has been the best seller last 2008 and it’s no wonder many would like the game to maintain its place as being number one, a truly well deserved and unbeatable software champion.

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In this game, the different characters from the Mario series gets together and race with go-karts in different race tracks. Items can be obtained along the track by driving through it and these items will either give them a boost, help them in defense or offense. There are several gameplay modes in Mario Kart Wii racing game and it is available in single  player and multiplayer mode.

mario kart

mario kart wii racing game

Mario Kart Wii racing game has a mode Time Attack or Time Trial, the main objective of the player is to have the fastest time in a certain track. Boosts are given to players in the a form of three mushrooms and can be used anytime in the race. Once the highest record is set, a “ghost” is saved which replays the set record that is used for other players to compete against. Ghosts can also be downloaded through the use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. There are two groups of staff Ghosts in the game, one can be found at the beginning of the race and a faster ghost is unlocked when the player is able to reach a certain time in the Time Attack or Time Trial.

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