The Bigs 2 Cheap Wii Baseball Game

The Bigs 2 - Pre-Played
If you have what it takes then step up to the plate and prove yourself to the big boys in the field. Adrenaline rush will come soaring as you hold on to the bat and take your first swing. As you wait for the pitcher to throw the ball, the surrounding becomes more intense and everyone is waiting on that first pitch and first swing. So with this pressure at hand, do you think you are up for the game?

Now this is your chance to be part of your favorite baseball teams. Get to manage your players, hone their skills and lead them to victory. Not only that, you also get to experience great game modes, awesome effects and many more. New features and a lot of improvement awaits you in the field.

The Bigs 2 cheap Wii baseball game definitely raises the game a notch as compared to its earlier version. Get to compete with other huge Major League Baseball teams.

Get to test your skills such as batting, running, pitching and the like through mini-games. This will get you into shape and ready for the next game. In addition, an all new Season Mode is included to keep track of all MLB schedules, roster management and stat monitoring.

A new mode titled Become a Legend lets you take your rookie status to Legend. Work your way up the ladder and become one of the greatest baseball players and prove to each and everyone that you have what it takes to be a ball player.

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Wii, The Bigs MLB 2K Sports, Nintendo, Rated E

Wii,  The Bigs MLB 2K Sports,  Nintendo,  Rated E

Price: $9.99
Time Left: 22h 7m
The Bigs MLB 2k Baseball (Nintendo Wii, 2007)

The Bigs MLB 2k Baseball (Nintendo Wii,  2007)

Price: $5.00
Time Left: 3d 1h 1m
The Bigs 2 - Nintendo Wii

The Bigs 2 - Nintendo Wii

Price: $33.73
Time Left: 7d 5h 13m

All new features awaits you in The Bigs 2, make sure to not miss out on the fun. If you loved The Bigs, you will also love this one because it is definitely bigger and better. Additional modes and improved features will make you stay on the game all through out the day.