wii fit plusRelease Date/s:

October 1, 2009 (Japan)
October 4, 2009 (North America)
October 30, 2009 (Europe)
October 15, 2009 (Australia)

Developer/s: Nintendo EAD

Publisher/s: Nintendo

This game is the improved version of the Wii Fit and this was announced last June 2, 2009 by Nintendo through E3 2009 media. Wii Fit Plus fitness game incorporates all the options and activities of Wii Fit with additional 15 new balance games and 6 yoga and strength training activities.

New features added to Wii Fit Plus are:

  • calorie burning counter
  • users are able to choose a certain routine
  • choose custom fitness regimens
  • create pet profiles and create Miis

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These options helps users choose the exercises that will fit their schedule and fitness needs. Tracking their progress is made easier through the calorie burning counter. During exercises, the player will be able to access other options or other routines for continuous exercise. Wii Fit Plus fitness game comes with Wii Balance Board and can also be sold without for those that already own a the balance board. Nunchuk can also be used with other activities such as Kung Fu.

wii fit plus fitness game

wii fit plus video game

There are more than 20 activities that will keep the players busy and fit all the time. With several options at hand, players can mix up their fitness regimen and do not have to stick with the same old routine all the time. If time is an issue, there is nothing to worry about it, this game allows you to set a 5-minute routine, 1-hour and more. If the player has an existing Wii Fit account, it will be read automatically which provides flawless operation of the game.

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