A Boy and His Blob - Pre-PlayedRelease Date: October 2009 (North America); late 2009 (Europe)

Developer: WayForward Technologies

Publisher: Majesco Games

Two decades ago, A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Bobolonia video game was developed by David Crane for the Nintendo System. In Japan, A Boy and His Blob Wii is known as Fushigina Blobby: Blobania no Kiki (as translated to Mysterious Blobby: The Crisis of Blobania).

The game revolves around the main character and his friend, Blob (or Blobert) who are taking a journey with the desire of winning against the evil emperor. In their quest to defeat their enemy, they travel together on Earth and on Blobolonia, the home planet of Blob. Their quest would take them to four different worlds with very dissimc  ilar environments. Some of the locations the boy and Blob will be taken to are the citadel, the underground and the wilderness.

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*A Boy and His Blob Wii intro game play.

With the unique protagonists, the storyline in A Boy and His Blob Wii is quite interesting. The main character is called to help the alien save his home planet, Blobolonia, from the evil emperor. Feeding Blob with jelly beans can transform him to several different items including a ladder and a hummingbird. To transform Blob back to his original form, a whistle is necessary. These transformations equip the boy with the skills, weapons and techniques necessary in accomplishing the tasks. The boy and Blob can use vitamins as their weapons in defeating the evil emperor. Having a sweet tooth, the evil emperor can suffer so much or even die through vitamins.

A Boy and His Blob Cheap

*Blob used as a parachute.

A Boy and His Blob Cheap Wii Game

*Blob used as a bowling ball.

You will certainly not notice the passing of the time since you will be glued to the four themed locales with 40 different adventure levels spread across. Three treasure chests hidden in each stage must also be collected by the dynamic duo to unlock bonus challenge levels. A Boy and His Blob Wii is indeed characterized by environmental puzzles, necessary brainwork, and the transformational powers of the alien. Entertaining platformed challenges are also evident. In addition, the remarkable interplanetary friendship makes this game a thumbs up.

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