Our House: Party! - Pre-Played

Release Date: September 22, 2009

Developer: Budcat Creations

Publisher: Majesco

It is time to demolish, build and renovate your house. Our House: Party! Wii is the perfect game for you to make your house to your dream home. Get to add all the things you want from pool to an outstanding garden. But before building your home you must have the right tools and you can have them by competing in several mini-games. Tool upgrades canĀ  be achieved by winning in mini-games and it also increases the value of your home.

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Several tasks must be undertaken such as hammering, painting, sawing and construction stuff. All you need is your Wii Remote to perform all these tasks. The multi-player option will let you compete with up to 3 players competing in several house renovation projects.

To see how the game goes here is a video that will show you how bug spray, demolition and paint tasks happen:

Here are also some screen shots showing the different features of the game:


Our House: Party! features different styles of houses such as Victoria, modern, Asian and a lot more.


Time to clean your backyard! The percentage indicates how much the player has accomplished on a specific task, so you know if you are on the lead or far behind.

Now you can be your own repairman, engineer, architecture and all the things involved in constructing a house. Make sure to do them fast but neat to win the competition and get to show of your house online to other viewers through WiiConnect24 and in turn you can also check their house.

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