A Boy and His Blob Wii

A Boy and His Blob - Pre-Played
This game was originally created by David Crane for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. A Boy and His Blob became a hit in Japan and even transformed the main character to a better-looking anime. It is an NES classic and now has been re-imagined for the Wii console. The Wii version presents players with all new stunning hand-drawn and graphic works and more intriguing puzzles.

The boy and his blob has a mission to defeat the Evil emperor and before they can do so they must travel from Earth to Blobolonia. A Boy and His Blob Wii game will lead the character to different planets where they will meet different kinds of enemies.

On each planet, they have several levels or quests to finish in order to pass through to the next planet. A Boy and His Blob Wii helps transform Blob into anything by feeding him jelly beans. If you want a simple and fun game then this is the one for you.

The Blob can transform in 15 different useful objects that will help the boy reach different heights and places. The The Boy and the Blob will have to take on a multitude of opponents like the Quadruped Beast, Blobolonian Emperor and the Serpent.

There are all-in-all 40 levels that you need to get pass and each has hidden treasures and challenges. A Boy and his Blob Wii will surely test your skills in puzzles as it features different kinds of puzzles and brain work. Make sure to ask the help of Blob in each puzzle because it can transform into anything you need.

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Collect three chests in each stage to be able to unlock bonus challenges. A Boy and His Blob Wii game will also show you the true meaning of friendship. Friendship does not choose anyone, it does not matter if you are different from each other. And in any hardship a true friend is always there to help out.