Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionRelease Date/s:

Original release

August 27, 2007 (North America)
October 26, 2007 (Europe)
March 6, 2008 (Japan)
Metroid Prime: Trilogy
August 24, 2009 (North America)
September 4, 2009 (Europe)

Developer/s: Retro Studios

Publisher/s: Nintendo

The nice thing about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii is just not one of the average action-adventure game that you know. It is considered as the best among the Metroid Games that came first. Not only the graphics evolved into something great but the greatness comes with the entire package. This game allows you to interact with different characters that makes it a less lonely journey unlike the previous titles that came out. Once you finish this game, it would surely give you a different type of satisfaction that you’ve always wanted to feel.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii was set after 6 months when Metroid Prime 2: Echoes happened. The main character Samus Aran is a bounty hunter who is assisting the Galactic Federation in beating the Space Pirates. While fighting off a Space Pirate assault, Samus and other bounty hunters were attacked by Dark Samus, her doppelganger. Dark Samus attacked them with Phazon a mutagenic material that led Samus and her company incapacitated.When all contacts were lost, Samus was ordered by the Federation to find out what happened to her fellow bounty hunters. Now, her main goal is to stop the spread of Phazon from each planet while she is also being consumed by Phazon.

metroid prime 3 corruption wii

metroid prime 3 corruption wii game

The game is controlled with the use of a Nunchuk and Wii Remote. The Nunchuk is used to lock targets and move Samus. On the other hand, the Wii Remote is used to perform several movements such as aiming, jumping and shooting.

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