Do you remember the time when you were playing Diner Dash on your PC and you find yourself glued on it for hours? You will be thrilled when you find out that a new Diner Dash game is going to be launched on WiiWare for Wii console this coming March 29, 2010!

Hudson Entertainment partnered with the creators of Diner Dash which is PlayFirst. This will be no doubt be another best-selling game to all of those who Wii fans who are also fond of Diner Dash. The game has been giving fun and enjoyment for many years now and it’s about that that Wii owners get to experience that too.

What is special about playing Diner Dash on Wii? There are actually new controls that are designed specifically for the Wii and there is also a multiplayer mode that will surely make the game play more exciting. You can have direct control of Flo as she runs around to have the customers seated, take orders, deliver food and finally receive payments.

There are really many other special things that we can talk about Diner Dash on Wii but you have to wait for the game and check how it is when it goes out in the market. The release date will surely be a blast as a lot of Diner Dash Addicts would be waiting for it for this day forward!


Diner Dash on Wii

Diner Dash on Wii

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