Here’s a list of educational and smart games on Wii that you might want to check out!

Trauma Center-Second Opinion:


This is a remake of the game Trauma Center: Under the Knife  for the Nintendo DS but there are a few added missions. You can play the role of a doctor and treat patients with the allotted time limit.


Alvin & The Chipmunks: 


If you loved the movie, I’m very sure that you will love the game. The gameplay is similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero – it’s not really that hard to figure out how to play the game.




If you are planning to have a party in the house and all of your guests knows how to use Wii, then it would be great to have Boogie around. It’s considered as a party-game and you can sing and dance through it.


High School Musical – Sing It!:


With the High School Musical game, you can be Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, Ryan, and Sharpay and you can also have a chance to create your own character. This is a very affordable game that every High School Musical fan will love!


My Word Coach: 


Words are very powerful. So if you need to expand your vocabulary and express yourself more clearly and with confidence, you need My Word Coach Wii to help you out improve your verbal skills.

Cosmic Family: 


This game is perfect for younger children who are attending pre-school or earlier. For as long as mom and dad could guide their little kids in playing, then it would definitely be a lot of fun for the whole family!

Smarty Pants:  

smarty pants

This game involves a spinning wheel that makes it more interesting and fun. It can also adjust to fit the age of the players so it means that it could be a game that player of all ages can enjoy. You would have to answer questions about Fashion, Games, Books, Places and people, Science, Sports, Art, Books and Entertainment.


Dewy’s Adventure:


This is going to test your skills and your wits because you would have to solve puzzles in every mission. When you complete a mission, you will be given a grade regarding how fast you accomplish it and how many Eau you rescued.


Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure:


This is another puzzle video game that will challenge you up to the very end. Your quest is to find the treasure by overcoming obstacles in all levels and you have to investigate objects and contraptions.


Big Brain Academy – Wii Degree:


Set your brain in motion with Big Brain Academy Wii Degree! This make you think hard to effectively answer all the questions correctly. There are lots of new games, puzzles and codes to solve. If you would like to try this game out, get ready for a mental marathon!

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