Wii Console

Wii ConsoleOne advantage of Wii Console used over the other video game consoles is that it's much cheaper and it is definitely a lot of fun when it comes to game play. Another advantage is that it is user friendly. Although it's a lot different than the other consoles, it is not that difficult to learn the controls. You would definitely get awe struck by its technology which includes sensors and obviously, this would automatically be wireless.

Having a wireless console means that you will have less clutter and it's very flexible. You don't have to worry about your movements. That should be great because it's the console's main feature. Games here involves a lot of movement which means that you will not be in a stationery position for the rest of the time.

With the wide variety of Wii games to choose from, you will always have enough games to play. Not to mention, developers are always releasing new games every year and most of them are all worth playing. So you are sure you get your money's worth when you buy a Wii Console.

Another thing is that Wii Consoles comes bundled with a game or an extra device. On the other hand, there are also several games that comes bundled with a Wii device that is then used with your console like the Mario Kart Wii. This game comes bundled with the Wii Wheel to make your racing experience real and more exciting.

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Nintendo Wii U WUP-101(02) 32GB Gaming Console

Nintendo Wii U WUP-101(02) 32GB Gaming Console

Price: $138.96
Time Left: 39m
Black Nintendo Wii U Console 32GB System Boxed

Black Nintendo Wii U Console 32GB System Boxed

Price: $216.18
Time Left: 42m

Wii is also considered to be a Family console. Kids definitely love to use it because it's a lot of fun. And the fact that it's user friendly, the parents can easily learn the basics on how to use this console. If you're interested to try then you better take a look for one at our store today.