Wii Wheel

Wii WheelMario Kart Wii includes Wii Wheel in its package but it can also be bought separately. It's a peripheral that was released just recently and it houses the Wii Remote such that the remote's B button is triggered everytime it protrudes at the back of the Wii Wheel. It also has a hole at the back that so that the strap can be attached to it and this also makes the Wii Remote easier to remove.

The Wii Wheel is also wireless therefore enabling you to maximize your movements for total enjoyment of the game. And of course it will not function with a Wii Remote so you should always have one when you get yourself this type of accessory.

Since there are a lot of Wii racing games being released, it will not be complete without the Wii Wheel. This helps you steer smoothly and avoid bumps and crashes as experienced in the traditional controller. As you can see the Wii Remote is attached to the Wii Wheel and can still be used as a pointing device while attached to it.

The device can also be bought separately and not always bundled with Mario Kart Wii. There are also other racing games that has the Wii Wheel packaged.

Since the it was introduced to the public, the device was well received by racing game enthusiasts. It made racing much more fun and easier with the freedom to move swiftly.

Again, one good thing that is definitely cooler is that it's now on sale and that means you can have one for a very cheap price. So if you already have Mario Kart minus the Wii Wheel, we definitely encourage you to leaf through our store and get your own Wii Wheel today.