Cheap Wii Fit Balance Board

Wii Fit Balance BoardWhen you see a Wii Fit Balance Board you will be surprised to realize that it looks more like the weighing scale in your house. But it is actually an accessory for the Wii video game console. The cheap Wii Fit Balance Board has pressure sensors all over to measure the center of balance of the user. They have claimed that its capability to measure weight is much accurate than that of the typical weighing scale that we use.

However, due to its sensitivity the product's disadvantage is that it can only support people who weigh not more than 300 pounds. It is advisable to use it barefooted and should be placed on a surface that's hard or on top of a carpet so that it can function normally. Extension feet are used on the board so that it can be used properly in soft surfaces. In the European version of the board, the extension feet are sold separately.

The cheap Wii Fit Balance Board is powered by four AA batteries that can power it for around 6 hours. The board is compared to the Joyboard which is a device that was released in 1982 for the Atari VCS created by Amiga Corporation. But of course, the obvious difference is the technology used on both devices.

It is recommended that the board must be used without socks. This is because it cannot properly grip the hard surface and might cause the user to slip during activities. On the other hand, a sock with rubber pads were given to Club Nintendo that can be used with the board.

Wii Fit Balance Board Rechargeable Battery Pack

Wii Fit Balance Board Rechargeable Battery Pack

Price: $8.72
Time Left: 7h 27m

Wii Fit makes use of the Balance Board but there also possibilities that other games will soon be developed that would make use of this accessory. And that's actually great news for all of us because it would finally be able to maximize its use.