Wii Remote Controller

Remote ControllerThe un-official nickname of the Wii Remote Controller is Wiimote. It's something that you got to have because it is the primary controller for the Wii Console. It has a sensor that has the capacity to read your movements and interact with items in the screen by moving and pointing. The technology here is the accelerometer and optical sensor.

The extraordinary technology makes the Wii Remote Controller stand out among the other controllers in the market. Its "magic wand" design was carefully thought of as well as the placement of the buttons.

According to sources, the Wii Remote was originally designed for the Nintendo GameCube. It was definitely a great news for the players that the Wii Remote was brought to life. Now this is already the standard controller for the Wii Console and works great with other Wii controllers.

Since the Wii console was released a lot of people were exploring new ways of using the controller to make their gaming experience even better. It can also be used with a desktop computer through bluetooth connection.

Through the Wii Remote Bluetooth protocol the controller can also be connected to a mobile phone but it does not perform very well with games. The idea behind this is that any phone with a TV-out port can replace the console.

Another interesting fact about the Wii Remote is that it was tested by the United States government to control a bomb disposal robot.

Thanks to the Wii Remote we can enjoy every Wii video game and have the freedom to control our characters in any way we want.

The Wii Remote demonstrates a whole new way of interrelating with a video game and other players. Though also, it's taken from the idea of the remote control of the television that has been used for a long time already. But what makes it different is that it's used for playing and not for switching channel and volume adjustment.