Nunchuk Controller for Wii Cheap

Nunchuk ControllerThe Nunchuk Controller for Wii cheap is the first attachment that they released for the Wii Remote. This controller can be connected to the remote by a cord. The two controllers connected together resembles a nanchaku or the Japanese traditional weapon and that's the reason why it was named Nunchuk in the first place.

Only a few games require the use of a Nunchuk Controller for Wii cheap at the current time but it's still called the Wii Remote's bestfriend. The games that need the Nunchuk are Metroid Prime 3, Resident Evil 4, Warioware: Smooth Moves, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Bully: Scholarship Edition and Call of Duty 3.

The Nunchuk Controller for Wii cheap is mostly is attached to the Wii Remote and it is mostly used in tandem. It looks similar with the controller used in in the Nintendo GameCube. It also has a three-axis accelerometer that is used to sense motion and tilting.

In every Wii console, one Nunchuk is bundled with it. Though Wii Remote does not always come bundled with the Nunchuk Controller for Wii cheap. Its original shoulder buttons were modified and renamed after the Game Developers Conference. The C button is now much smaller as compared to its Z button.

It has the capability to be connected to other micro-controllers that has an I2C capability where in the buttons, accelerometer and joystick data can be accessed. The Wiichuk is created by Todbot which is an adapted that allows the Nunchuk to be connected to an Arduino board. There are also wireless Nunchuks that are developed by other companies and it is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

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