Classic Controller

Classic ControllerThe Classic Controller is similar to those of the other typical console controllers. The classic design makes it comfortable to use and the two analog sticks would probably make you nostalgic by using it makes you remember the good old times of playing video games as a kid. The way it connects to the Wii Remote is similar to the Nunchuk which is via cord.

But in spite of the fact that you can bring back the old memories you had with the similar Classic Controller, this controller is to be used only with Virtual console games and not with Nintendo GameCube games.

The Classic Controller's cord was designed to come from the bottom instead of the top of the controller. The configuration is similar to the controller used by Dreamcast. It has slots at the back but the function of those slots were not explained. A special clip was created by Nyko that enables the Wii Remote to be attached to the Classic Controller through the slots and also provided a place to keep the cable.

As mentioned earlier, the Classic Controller cannot be used with the Nintendo GameCube. It can only be used with Virtual Console games as mentioned by Nintendo Online Shop though there are several games that were designed for the controller.

The Classic Controller can be used to move through the menu in Virtual Console games and also the Wii Shop Channel. The it becomes useless when used in other channels.
Nintendo Wii Classic Controler MIP

Nintendo Wii Classic Controler MIP

Price: $28.99
Time Left: 1h 35m

The Classic controller does not have batteries and it only gets the power from Wii Remote that's why it should always be connected to the remote in order to function. If you don't have a Classic Controller yet now is the time to look for one and relive the past gaming experience that you once had.