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Super Paper Mario - Pre-Played
There are a lot of Super Mario games that came out nowadays but what makes Super Paper Mario Wii cheap different is that the game has a fusion of platform gameplay and puzzle components. It's also a little old-fashioned like the first games and would probably give you a nostalgic feeling while playing it due to the fact that it's still sort of like the previous Mario titles.

Another new thing about Super Paper Mario Wii cheap is that the graphics are in 2D style but Mario is given the ability to go 3D. It's the old mario game but only better with improved game play. As usual, playing the role of Mario you must save Princess Peach and you still have Luigi as your forever loyal side kick.

This game combines different gaming elements that provides the player with unique and exciting twist. Starting the game in 2D Mario can flip to a 3D environment but only at a limited time. When Mario stays long in the 3D world his health decreases. In the 3D world there are secrets, hidden paths and enemies that Mario must find and escape from.

In order to perform fancy moves in the Super Paper Mario Wii cheap, just shake the Wii Remote. You can also get helpful hints just pointing the control directly at the screen.

You will be moving Mario in eight different worlds full of puzzles, secrets and enemies. As fun as it may seem, the only downside is that it can only be played by one player.

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Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii, 2007)

Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii,  2007)

Price: $12.99
Time Left: 2h 29m
Super Paper Mario Wii

Super Paper Mario Wii

Price: $8.99
Time Left: 2h 43m
Super Paper Mario Nintendo Wii Complete Tested Working

Super Paper Mario Nintendo Wii Complete Tested Working

Price: $7.00
Buy It Now: $9.25
Time Left: 2h 58m

If you try this, you will definitely give this a positive feedback particularly if you're a Mario enthusiast. Critics has been giving Super Paper Mario Wii cheap a lot of praises lately and if you're also willing to try it, expect a lot of sense of humor in this game.