Guitar Hero 3 Cheap

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Pre-Played
Now here's a game that won't get you bored for hours of playing - The Guitar Hero 3 cheap Wii video game. This is a highly popular game that gives you rhythm and something that will never fail to capture your interest and pretty soon you'll find yourself extremely addicted to it.

The game starts with more than 70 songs and most of them are master tracks. Songs can be downloaded using the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Popular music icons also makes appearances such as Slash and Tom Morello. These characters play as opponents in the game and can also be chosen by the player as the character to play.

Most of the critics have said positive reviews about the game. But there are several reviewers who have noticed some changes and associated it to the change of developer. When talking about sales, Guitar Hero 3 cheap is said to be the best selling video game in the year 2007. There was a huge surge in revenue earned and units sold according to Activision. It is also the very first video game to have reached one billion dollars in sales. The Wii version is the best-selling which has sold two million copies.

What makes this game so neat is that almost half of the songs here are by the original artists and the other songs are just covers but they are also good and this is done all for the game. So it would be extra fun for you when you try to hit the notes.

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When you are craving for some music and haven't find what would possibly catch your attention, we highly recommend this game. It's really something that's engaging and takes you a long way. Guitar Hero 3 cheap is still a rock and roll game that is absolutely two-thumbs-up!