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If you like having minions or people following your orders then this is the game for you. Corobo, the little boy who instantly became a king, has the goal to make a tiny village into a prosperous one. But before he can achieve this goal he must order his people to perform several activities to earn profit.

You might find Little King's Story Wii cheap similar with other life simulation games but there is more to this game. Unlike other RPG games, you can only command one person at a time to perform certain activities.

As King, players will manage and involve their townspeople in the goals of creating this new territory; enlisting them to dig for treasure, build new buildings and otherwise better their community. Of course, leadership is a two-way street, so as King, players will try to conquer rival nations to create a single unified kingdom, while also granting the requests of townspeople at whim. The game transforms the Wii Remote to a royal scepter and offers players the chance to be the best king in the world!

The player will control the King to manage his people to take part in several activities that will bring their new territory back to life. Townspeople will be involved in treasure hunting, building new structures, hunting and a lot more.

Of course, the king will also have to face several problems along the way such as fighting a dragon that threatens to destroy the village. It is up to you as a player to tell the king what to do. Make sure of your decision because the faith of the entire village lies in your hands.

Little King's Story Wii cheap requires a lot of thinking and you must find ways to keep the village from prospering. You also should not forget the welfare of your people because if they are unhappy they might go against you.

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Nintendo Wii Little Kings Story (complete)

Nintendo Wii Little Kings Story (complete)

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Little King's Story - Nintendo Wii

Little King's Story - Nintendo Wii

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Little King's Story Wii cheap is a fun game to play. You get to command several people and rule the whole village. If the village keeps on prospering and the people are happy then that means that you are a good ruler.