Big Brain Academy Wii

Big Brain Academy WiiAre you the kind of person who keeps himself up with brain video games? Now you can brawl with other brains with Big Brain Academy for Wii. This game will surely challenge your mind big time.

There are 15 different activities that you can engage in such as single player test, practice modes and much more. The multiplayer mode can handle up to 8 players and training data can also be exchanged by means of the WiiConnect24.

You can progress through the game by taking the test mode challenge and you will be awarded with medals if you succeed on the tests. This is a absolutely a great game that people on about any age will enjoy.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Nintendo Wii, 2007)

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Nintendo Wii,  2007)

Price: $10.00
Time Left: 5h 49m
Big Brain Academy Nintendo Wii Game

Big Brain Academy Nintendo Wii Game

Price: $8.75
Time Left: 7h 47m

When you play with a group, you can push each other and develop your brains further. It's good to enhance your mental ability using this type of game. If you are still wondering why a lot of people have morbid fascination for this game, then you have to try it to find out why it is sought after. It's something that keeps you more and more interested in the course of the game.